Training Workshops for Business


Education and Training

Our first hand experience of the problem of modern slavery, together with our academic research,  and creative and interactive teaching style, will give your team the head and heart knowledge to engage positively with this issue.

Gaps Analysis

We will take a look at what may be missing from your business portfolio including gaps in knowledge, protocols and procedures to help you in your journey of supply chain improvement.

Risk Assessment

We're committed to the journey and to going deeper by helping you identify what are the risks (from high to low) in your supply chain, operations and services.

Improvement Mapping

We will help you map out a strategy to improve your supply chains, operations and services, including supplier engagement, due diligence, and ongoing training.


We will help you get across the line by July 1, 2020, by helping you create a credible statement to submit to either the NSW Anti-Slavery Commissioner or Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs, depending on the size of your annual consolidated revenue. 

Remediation Strategy

With our extensive network of NGOs globally, we will help you develop shared value partnerships with social enterprises. This will help you go beyond making improvements, by investing in community programs that prevent modern slavery in the future.