Education for Schools



At Unchained we offer an engaging educational program for students that helps them to grasp the complex issues of modern slavery in a way that connects with their learning styles. 


Our classroom seminars are interactive using simulation as an experiential tool to help student understand the real life experience of people who have limited choices, freedom and agency because of their experience of modern slavery. 


As people who have personally worked with survivors of modern slavery, we use storytelling as a way of engaging their story with ours and that of the students.


We are sensitive to the needs of students regarding their age, cultural background and beliefs, and so present the reality of modern slavery in a manner that meets the students level of understanding and the educational objectives of the school.  


We will work with the school to determine the best format to present material and when to present it.


We have a proven track record in teaching  to a variety of schools, community groups and and faith-based groups. Our Working with Children Checks are up-to-date.