Our Purpose


Beyond Compliance

Our purpose is to create a responsible business community which not only complies with the Modern Slavery Act (NSW and Commonwealth), but develops a culture change around the procurement of goods and services, rendering modern slavery unsustainable.

Human Rights Approach

Unchained is committed to trust, integrity and assurance, as well as a positive engagement with the issue of modern slavery. We offer a human-rights approach assessing the risk of modern slavery to your business.

First Round of Compliance

With the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 now in force, and the NSW legislation coming into force on July 1, 2019, now is the time to starting getting ready to respond. The Unchained team has the expertise and experience in supply chain analysis, risk assessment, strategy and policy development, and training and engagement, to assist your business to help your meet this mandate. 

The first reporting deadline for NSW and Commonwealth is July 1, 2020 depending on your business' financial year.

Experience | Integrity | Empathy

Lived Experience

Our experience spans five continents, from medical clinics in Zambia, garbage tips in Ecuador, displaced communities in Indonesia, orphans in Romania and trafficked women in Spain.

Values Driven

We are committed to integrity, trust and assurance, as well as to providing best practice in assisting you in becoming a leader in addressing modern slavery. 

Deep Empathy

We not only know the stories, we know the people who have lived them. Our first hand knowledge of what's really going on in the lives of those being exploited brings the 'why' to our services. 


We cultivate a new imagination for doing good in business through storytelling, design thinking and shared values. Our creative approach will connect your business goals to your purpose.

Positive Engagement

While we know the dark reality of modern slavery, we offer you a positive engagement of what is possible for your organisation to achieve in improving the lives of those caught up in it.


Our services are designed to offer key insights that will help your business develop a strategy to improve your supply chains and develop a constructive remediation plan.